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To Jump or Not to Jump

Before the worlds were ever formed, He knew you.

You were not created to be average, you we not created to barley get by.

You were created to EXCEL.

Not only were you chosen, but you were also equipped with everything you need to live an abundant life.

God has deposited seeds of greatness inside every person.

But in order to tap into those seeds of greatness you have to believe this and act on it.

(Adapted from Liz S / Facebook).

Let today be the day we all have faith in our greatness and take that leap of faith that we all have burning inside of us.

Recently, I have watched people I work with take their own leap of faith and it has been inspiring but has also taught me a valuable lesson.

A leap of faith is nothing without planning.

Out of everyone who took their leap into the foray of stepping out on their own, I can put my hand on heart and say three of them are fully equipped, because those three were working on their Leap of Faith long before the cliff edge came looming.

When the time came for them to jump, the feeling was not that they were being pushed, but they were given the window of opportunity to jump through.

Others, jumped off the cliff, hoping for a soft landing of any sort, with no planning or preparation I hope they find their soft landing soon.

And the remaining jumpers, who I have the most respect for, just said "sod it" it doesn't matter where I land, it has to be better than teetering on the edge.

What's common about the jumpers, they all decided to dictate their own future, some with a little more planning than others, but they stall decided.

I pray they all stay on their path and tap into their greatness.

Don't feel sorry for those who did not jump. What made us stay? Fear? The inability to jump again?, Lack of faith?... none of the above.

Those who stay are tapping into their greatness, looking deep within and planning for when it's their time to fly.

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